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Benefits of Pre and Post-Natal Yoga

Getting pregnant doesn’t have to mean, put your life on light for eight or nine months, you can still get active and one option is yoga.

Yes, the popular fitness and spiritual trend is extending to expecting moms and new mothers.

Yoga trainer at Rebirth Wellness Centre in London ON, Nicole Brown explains how prenatal yoga is beneficial for moms to be.

“Number one, it helps the mother stay fit. And with her changing body… be connected to your growing baby and belly and be connected to other Mamas who are going through the same things.”

Ella is a regular at Rebirth, she enjoyed the prenatal class and shortly after her son’s birth she came back for postnatal.

“When he was about three weeks we came back and started doing some mom and baby stuff. He seems to like it, so we come whether I seem to want to or not,” She adds, “It’s a place to feel safe and there’s literally no judgement and all really supportive. It’s just a nice community of other moms.”

Postnatal Yoga is a great way to get back into shape, says Brown, “Your body isn’t exactly the way it was, prior to becoming pregnant. So, you have to work at getting back that level of fitness you’re comfortable with. ”

Adding, “It’s a lot different than exercising without a baby but, it’s a lot of fun. It’s nice to be connected to your baby, share lots of kisses and just share some time with your new person; who’s connected at your hip all the time anyway.

Yoga originated in India and has been practiced for about 5,000 years, according to

Londoners Thoughts on Pot

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana?

It’s a subject that’s been long debated, and will likely stay a hot topic for some time.

Right now, it’s still federally illegal. Although there’s some leeway when it comes to medicinal use.

Such as the recent court ruling allowing medicinal users to grow their own crop of dope.

Another Supreme Court ruling made last summer allows for edibles, lotions and oils to be used as well as the dried herb.

There are many restrictions even with these leeways. With these changes it seems eminent a decision, whether for or against the legalization of weed, will be made pretty soon.

But there have been a few hiccups when it comes to the distribution of the product.

Shoppers has recently piped up, claiming they would be best fit to control the circulation of the drug.

Though some politicians, such as Kathleen Wynne have said the L.C.B.O would be best, because they already distribute alcohol.

Although a decision yet to be made, the people of London think it’s worth legalizing with some restrictions.

Different variants of marijuana has also been a hot topic.

Recently a Canadian Clinical Trial on Cannabinoids or CBD for epilepsy was proposed by Co-Founder of Ep-Link, Dr. McIntyre Burnham.

Two mothers with chronic epileptic children support the proposal. As they give their children the drug.

One mother who lost her child due to the illness said she tried everything imaginable and noticed the marijuana had the greatest effect.

Londoners think giving children alternative variants of medical pot is okay, as long as it’s heavily restricted.

C-B-D is not psychoactive like Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, meaning CBD won’t get you high.

Although still illegal, CBD has been studied to reduce many ailments including suppressing seizures, combatting psychosis disorders, inflammatory disorders, tumours and cancer cells, among many other benefits.

Training for Outer Space

Astronauts go through a lot of training to get to Outer Space, and even more if they want to go for a space walk.

Why is that? Well, they first need to know what they are getting into.

Space is basically a vacuum, that bends time, and our Solar System is moving very fast. 72,000 kilometres per hour, fast; towards a star in the constellation of Hercules.

That’s 20 kilometres per second on a journey that is 367 light years away.

There is no breathable air, no pressure (gravity) to circulate the blood flow in our bodies and the solar radiation is high, even in the lowest areas.

But above all this danger, first astronauts have to train their social skills.

Getting social

Professor at Western University Dr. Kevin Shoemaker explains, “Astronauts are going into Space for six months to a year. And you’re in a Space Station which is essentially four or five school buses linked together by tunnels. And you’re going to live there… with four or five other people. Arguments are not tolerated. You have to know how to get along with people under every circumstance.

More meticulous mental training is involved for astronauts, because they have to know other expertise above their own.

Scientists spend about a year training astronauts how to conduct their experiments.

And if the astronauts aren’t heading to space for some time, they may choose to be apart of an Earth Study.

Shoemaker explains, “Some Earth based models are on isolation training. Getting used to living away from people in a small group, where you have no opportunity to go back. There are stations in the Arctic and Antarctic, where you get trained to do that. And there’s some underwater… where you go down and spend time in a small container with a couple of people. That’s your life for a little while.”

And on top of all this training and intense studying, astronauts have to go through even more, if they want to go on a space walk.

Shoemaker says they have to learn how to cope with being on the outside of a space station trying to do work. Especially in a suit that’s difficult to move in, because it’s essentially a pressurized bubble suit.

“Every movement you make has to be thought through very carefully. So they’re go out on a two or three hour space walk and get very little done. But that’s a good day.”

And while they’re up there in a Space station, the astronauts have to workout for hours; between two to three.

All of this can take an astronaut up to 10 years to learn and train for.


Saskatchewan Election

Newly, re-elected Premier Brad Wall is sticking to his plan of pushing Ottawa to support the jobless.

For the third term, The Saskatchewan Party leader is pushing for the government to support those out of a job in the energy and pipeline sectors.

He says the government has made a mistake. Giving them a benefit of the doubt in terms of employment insurance extending to five weeks, which was to help the energy sector, but missed two-thirds of that sector.

This announcement coming right after the election’s results.

Monday’s election came as no surprise, with Wall winning in a landslide against NDP Cam Broten.

A loss MLA Cathy Sproule is not willing to admit, even though polls suggested Wall would take the position once again.

“I see all the polls are in, but I’m assuming the club wanted to take a very close look at it before…. right now we’re still hoping he’s going to make it.”

Broten’s first leadership run trailed his Westview seat in early polls, and it was widely viewed as a two-way race. Though it was not surprising when Wall won, as polls suggested the popularity of the party throughout the 27-day election.

Wall is viewed as one of the most popular premiers in Canada. Gaining the reputation as a defender of the province and strongly advocates for small-c conservatives.

During the campaign Wall spoke highly of his party’s accomplishments since their first term in 2007.

While Broten spoke about how hard the province has been hit by sluggish oil and potash revenues, adding the province has a $427-million deficit this year.

A deficit Broten is expecting to revise and soon table for this coming year, which should be released late May or early June.

The NDP held nine seats of the 58 at legislature, compared to the 47 seats the Saskatchewan Party had with two vacancies up for grabs.

Due to riding redistribution in 2011, the legislature now has 61 seats of which The Saskatchewan Party now has 51 of.


French politician criticizing Canada for welcoming refugees.

A right winged French politician is criticizing Canada’s Federal government for welcoming refugees.

At a news conference in Quebec City, Head of France`s Front National Party Marine Le Pen claimed a multicultural society is a society in conflict.

She added that letting in more immigrants could accelerate the demands of religious minorities, such as providing space for prayer or the establishment of religious courts.

France`s National Front Party is socially conservative and against immigration.

Le Pen brushed off protesters who greeted her at the conference, calling them kids that need to go to bed.

The protesters dispersed after one was struck by Le Pen’s body guard.

Le Pen flew to Canada for a week long visit to French possessed areas, speak with politicians and celebrate Francophone Day.

She did not receive a warm welcome from some politicians, including MNA Bernard Drainville saying she should turn the plane around and go back.

Le Pen is a member of the Parliament’s International Trade Committee. She is visiting Canada as a part of a nine-member European trade delegation, which the agreement is coming up for ratification.

City Hall vs. Teacup Pig Lovers

A request to allow Londoners to have teacup pigs as household pets did not get far at city hall Wednesday.

A city committee received a written request from a Londoner to change a bylaw to allow the tiny pig as a pet.

The request was then passed along to a secondary committee that advises council on animal welfare issues.

Holly Beuerman, describes herself as an animal lover in the letter, made the request after researching for a teacup pig as a pet, finding out after about London’s bylaw against having farm animals as household pets.

Siobhan Poole, the co-founder of the Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary near St. Marys said, “There’s no such thing as a teacup pig, or a micro-mini pig or a pocket pig. Those are just the new words breeders are using to sell more pot-belly pigs.”

Teacup pigs are a hot pet item right now, with some selling for as much as $2,000.

Poole said she has taken in pigs in the past, including one only three days ago from someone who lives in London.

“She’s 11 pounds and seven months old. And she was so malnourished because the owner fed her apples and cheerios for months. That’s all she got,” said Poole.

Poole runs one of three farm sanctuaries in the region that accepts farm animals.

Written actualities for radio 

C1KB- Collision and road closures on London Road

A collision has caused road closures along London Road.  

Around 1:15 this afternoon, the Huron County Provincial Police responded to a collision in Morris-Turnberry involving a pedestrian and a vehicle, south of Belgrave.

Mostorists are asked to obey the barricades set up at London Road and Canbrook, London Road and Belgrave, Nature Centre Road West of London Road and Morris Road at Cligg Line.

The collision is under investigation by the Huron OPP and Western Region OPP Technical Traffic Investigation Unit.

More details about this story as they become available.  

C2-KB-Collision and road closures on London Road

Barricades have been set up along London Road after a collision involving a pedestrian.

Huron County Provincial Police responded to a collision in Morris-Turnberry around 1:15 this afternoon.

Barricades have been set up around the accident site along London Road at Canbrook, London Road and Belgrave, Nature Centre Road West of London Road and Morris Road at Cligg Line.

Huron OPP with assistance of Western Region OPP Technical Traffic Investigation Unit are still investigating the collision.

More details about this story as they become available.  

C3-KB-Collision and road closures on London Road

London Road and Morris Road in Morris-Turnberry are barricaded off after a collision involving a pedestrian earlier today.

Huron Provincial Police responded to a call around 1:15 this afternoon to a collision on London Road, south of Belgrave.

Police ask motorists to obey the barricades set up at London Road and Canbrook, London Road and Belgrave, Nature Centre Road West of London Road and Morris Road at Cligg Line.

The collision is still under investigation by the Huron OPP and the Western Region OPP Technical Traffic Investigation Unit.

More details about this story as they become available.  


More written actualities 

Janette MacDonald intro for clips

CEO & General Manager for Downtown London, Janette Macdonald tells us her thoughts on council’s surprise downturn vote to invest 540-thousand dollars.  

Clip 1: A rejected vote from London City Council has Downtown London’s CEO disappointed.

CEO Janette MacDonald says, she’s not discouraged and will push forward.

Tag: Downtown London proposed a 540-thousand dollars investment to improve the area more.

Clip 2: London City Council has rejected a 540-thousand dollar proposal for Downtown London.

CEO & General Manager, Janette MacDonald says they’ll go back to the drawing board.

Tag: MacDonald says they’ll go back to the drawing board and try again.


Clip 3: London City Council’s down vote came as a surprise to Downtown London.

City Council rejected a proposal to invest 540-thousand dollars into Downtown London.

CEO & General Manager Janette MacDonald says, Downtown London always needs investing.
Tag: MacDonald says they’ll go back to the drawing board and try again.


Clip 4: CEO of Downtown London is disappointed with City Council’s decision.

Janette MacDonald says, action needs to be taken now.

Tag: A 540-thousand dollar proposal to invest in Downtown London was denied. Macdonald says they’ll go back to the drawing board and try again.


Clip5:  A rejected vote from London City Council has Downtown London’s CEO disappointed.

Janette MacDonald says she wasn’t given enough time for the proposal.

tag: Council rejected a 540-thousand dollar proposal to further invest in downtown London.

Clip 6: CEO of Downtown London is disappointed with councils decision to invest 540-thousand dollars.

Janette MacDonald says, our downtown is great but could be fantastic.

Tag: MacDonald says she’ll go back to the drawing board and try again.



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