Homemade Beef Stew and rice

Stew and rice, to me, is comfort in a bowl. Meals like this always fill my kitchen with an amazing smell of savoury herby goodness. And so much is made, that leftovers are guaranteed! If you can’t tell, I love stew and rice. In fact, it’s my favourite meal. I can eat it anytime of…

Sweet and Spicy Mushroom soup

We knew the soup was done when we could smell it from upstairs. 

Spicy Is Never Boring

The kitchen is a place of expression, and the meals we create usually reflect the kind of day we had.

Making Cinnamon-less Pumpkin Pie

Here it is! The first post to Make! The new page I’ve created dedicated to my adventures in the kitchen. Today, I’m sharing my first crack at pumpkin pie without a recipe or spices. The whole ordeal went pretty smooth and it turned out amazing! ————————————————————————————————————- Here is how I made a Cinnamon-less Pumpkin Pie….