Side Hustle Beginner

I guess what I should start with is, why do I want to start side hustling? Honestly, because where I am in my career is not where I want to be. It’s not that I have a bad job or hate my coworkers. In fact, I like my job, my coworkers and my bosses are…

Staying creative painting

Art. I’ve been obsessed with drawing, painting and all the planning that comes with it for the last few months. Visually showing my creativity on a page/canvas has been liberating. This latest painting is for a friend, whom loves Wonder Woman. Using the same type of materials as before (mainly from the dollarstore). A cotton…

Paint Away My Boredom

With that I ripped the page out of my book and did most kids learn to do in elementary.

Making Cinnamon-less Pumpkin Pie

Here it is! The first post to Make! The new page I’ve created dedicated to my adventures in the kitchen. Today, I’m sharing my first crack at pumpkin pie without a recipe or spices. The whole ordeal went pretty smooth and it turned out amazing! ————————————————————————————————————- Here is how I made a Cinnamon-less Pumpkin Pie….

Tree planting and MORE

After a vacation, I’m back and have tons to write about; starting with this break-in post about trees and other things you’re going to see 🙂

Time is not boring

Hello again! After a wee vacation from the blog, I’m back once more with different ways I’ve bided by boredom and how I plan to do so in the future. Ready? Okay! Update to an earlier post about, Making A Move; I have been working a great deal at the store since being promoted to…

Museums are not boring!

If you’re looking to see and experience something new indoors, a museum/art gallery will always be my go to for entertainment.