Time is not boring

Hello again!

After a wee vacation from the blog, I’m back once more with different ways I’ve bided by boredom and how I plan to do so in the future.



Update to an earlier post about, Making A Move; I have been working a great deal at the store since being promoted to manager. I know it’s been only four months! It came as a total surprise. The new role is fun, scary and yeah I have made mistakes and likely will in the future.

So that’s been eating up a lot more time.

Tending to my abstract career path, I’ve been working on a new podcast and a new subject to bring to the blog.

The podcast? While I don’t want to give a lot away, I will tell you, I’ll be posting audio and visual by October 10, 2017.

What will it be about?

It’ll be based around Bide My Boredom, on what people do when they’re bored. Trust me, it’ll be good.

And the new subject for BMB?

COOKING! I’m calling it, Make!

If you follow me on Instagram –Wudyouisn-, you already know that I cook A LOT! And though this unexpected passion developed from strict times, it has flourished into a fun productive hobby.

Recently my boyfriend and I made chicken Nuggets, chocolate “cheesecake”with tofu, gnocchi, and a bunch of other stuff throughout the week.

How am I biding my boredom this weekend?

Spending it grocery shopping and exploring Veg Stock at Victoria Park, Oh and working on my sound booth. More on that in the future.

Though I don’t attend every Veg festival, I do look forward to it because I like seeing new things and try recreating them at home.

WTF cares about produce?

Me. And enough people to warrant a two day vender festival for.

Meat is always the star of the show, why not mix it up and replace the diva with veggies?

Festivals like this allowed me to experience a vegan “big mac” and now that family has a thriving business here in London called Globally Local.

I look at produce differently now.

I still hate carrots (I really F’n hate carrots) but they work in cake and juice. I also hate onions, but they’re okay in a soup or stew. And celery, it’s great in… … … nothing. Celery is a terrible vegetable.

And the best part is, you DO NOT have to be a vegetarian, vegan, or a plant-based only eater to go.

I mean, if the carnivore in you is secure enough with it’s eating lifestyle to try something new? Do it. It may even get you laid.

It’s the future! 

I have been working on my sound booth (officially) for a day. But I’ve been collecting supplies for months. And I’m still not done! Hence why the podcast is pushed back to October 10th and not September.

I’ll be making a post on it as soon as it is finished 🙂 Or at least 80% finished.

*I just want as great of sound as I can get. I believe the wait will be worth it :)*

Toodles till next week!




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