Biding my boredom at Canada’s 150th birthday party

Yesterday, I bid my boredom by attending London’s version of Canada’s 150.

Event’s strewn with people in red and white were laid-out for blocks in Downtown.

The sea of people moved like waves across the streets, rarely seeing stillness unless at a vender’s line. Food Truck Alley, Talbot Takeover, etc… almost everything had a line to wait in.


Luke and I got there around 8PM. We walked around Budweiser Gardens (not a sponsor), and the Covent Market (not a sponsor) watching live bands play to an awed crowd.

Capturing our attention for at least 20 minutes.


Afterwards, we headed to the food trucks along Talbot and smelled pungently sweet and savoury foods; along with the odd odour of B.O.

Doubling back to bubble soccer at Richmond, we stopped in for a well deserved snack at McDonald’s (not a sponsor); treating ourselves to strawberry and banana smoothies.

After our quick escape from the craziness of hangry people, we met up with Bubbly Mind writer Enith.

The three of us journeyed past Museum London (not a sponsor) to Ivey Park where we waited for a grande firework show.

Fireworks have always fascinated me. They’re loud, colourful and it’s a time when even the grumpiest of people smile.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though the show was a mere 15 minutes, it was spectacular!

*Side note-This was Enith’s first time going to a Canada Day festival*

And as quickly as the show began, it ended and people quickly hurried to their vehicles for home. Only to be stuck in traffic for who knows how long.

Thankfully, Luke and I decided against taking the transit and opted for walking home on a beautiful clear night. Not even brisk enough for a sweater.

That is what I call a perfect Canada Day.

How about you? Did you celebrate Canada’s 150th?

If not, how did you bide your boredom July 1st? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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