Museums are not boring!

I don’t know about other people but when I was a kid going to the museum was the best, especially the science centre.

I mean where else could you see how the human body works or what it’s like to be in a tornado?! Of course this was also back in the 90s and early noughties.

Now-a-days I mainly visit art galleries, but museums will never leave my heart.

Recently, I went to Museum London. First with my better half, then again with Enith from Bubbly Mind.

We first went through the audio installations.

Sounds Assembling: Communication and the Art of Noise

Air Waves: Radio and TV in London

Walking through I fell in love with the audio pieces. The destroyed microphones and the pictures of sound.

My favourite piece was this big square black screen. Wherever I hovered my hand the screen made a natural noise, like rain, clock or footsteps. It gave this feeling of hearing someone’s day. I loved it. I wish I could’ve taken it home.  (Hmmmm I wonder if I could make one? Suggestions anyone?)


The second floor gallery is set up is once you go through Sounds Assembling  you’re naturally directed to the Air Waves installation.


My favourite part should really be the news anchor desk, but it wasn’t. My favourite pieces were the ones where I could listen to history. The first radio broadcasts ever made in London gave me chills. There’s nothing like being able to (at least falsely) experience history.

Lastly, the Sparrow Night installation.


Even though my boyfriend is a musician, I think (by his reaction) he liked this installation the best. It was dim, interactive and somewhat creepy.

Moving dresses, a woman rowing on fabric, moving laundry baskets with lights. Okay… I know it doesn’t sound interesting but it bloody is!

It’s awesome! If you live in London, Ontario and have visited great! Tell me about your experience, and if you haven’t visited… well, do it.

Finally, where’s your favourite museum and/or art gallery? I want to read all about it in the comments 🙂




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