Update on counting my calories

As I suspected the task of calorie counting is tedious, but I’ve held true and have documented everything the best I can
First, there’s a change to the amount of calories I consume. Instead of over 1900 calories as someone whom works out like an athlete, I (a non-athlete) only need 1700 calories
The good news, eating within my 1700 calorie limit is easy. 
The bad news, I consume a lot of sugar and I do not eat enough protein. 
So, this week I will make that tweak to my “lifestyle change” by lowering my sugar intake and increasing my protein.
Noticing changes
It’s still early in the process, though I believe it is going well. 
I feel like I am in a better mood, I like picking out my outfits again and wearing more daring clothing–though not too daring… lets be real here—. 
I have also noticed that I’m monitoring my food more, always looking at the calorie count as well as the ingredient list. Thinking about how much of it I can eat or if there’s something else I would rather have. 
Is counting calories a hassle?
Yes! OMFG yes it is! BUT it does get easier as I add more of my own recipes and have repeat items. 
Plus, the barcode scanner feature on MyFitnessPal (still not a sponsor) is AMAZING! It saves so much time. 
Keeping up routine
I am not going to lie. Keeping up a routine is hard work. 
Not only trying to make meals around 450 calories four times per day and adding at least an hour of activity (besides walking everywhere) into a busy day is exhausting. It also feels amazing. 
I get up, eat, do yoga, shower and usually go to work. At lunch I make a small meal -usually a sandwich or a salad- and when I come home I make dinner and later a snack. Usually ending the day off with a little more yoga. 
Now all I have to do is buy a new scale and I can keep better track of my weight.
Have you got any tips on calorie counting? Sneaking in more protein? Or lowering sugary foods without getting cravings? Let me know 🙂 

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