Ladies, I’ve made the switch and it is glorious!

Amongst my decision to try new things, this one is a bit off the wall and it involves the cup. 
If you do NOT like to read about Aunt Flo, the rag, the monthly, bitch season…PERIODS, then read no further. But please feel free to click around on my other period-free pages 🙂
As many women do, I hate my period.
The expense of the pads, tampons and the panty replacements. 
The cravings, mood swings, sore boobs, sore back, stabbing pains, the tears and the horniness! 8ashflisdfhs;alihg8 the horniness!!!!
It’s a terrible time and we should have the right to turn into hermits for the duration of our periods with pay— in chocolate! (or almonds if you’re choosing healthy). 
Bleeding for five days and the week long experience is no one’s idea of a good time, but we cope. Even when the pads feel like a suction-cupped diaper. 
To avoid that scenario, this time I tried the Diva Cup 1 (not a sponsor, just what was available at the store).
Just a note: There are two versions, 1 is smaller than 2. Diva cup 2 are for women who’ve gone through natural childbirth.
Of course! I researching everything I do. Food, piercings, tattoos, everything. What can I say, the elementary school assemblies on scaring kids straight/ teaching hard lessons got to me.
So, I like knowing what I’m getting into. 
I talked to friends, read forums, but I wanted a video of someone trying it out and describing the process. And I did!
Youtuber Hannah Witton went through the ENTIRE experience.
Here’s the video (Also not a sponsor, just a helpful video 🙂
A. The price; It cost CDN$40 and it’s good for a year. Just boil to clean and use or put in the handy dandy pouch for next time. 
B. Less garbage; I only used the one cup. No having to prepare the next pad/tampon while pulling off/out the earlier and wrap then throw away. Just dump blood, rinse, fold and insert. Done. 
C. It’s safer; Because the cup is silicon there’s no absorbing ability. So super low risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. 
an acute and sometimes fatal disease that is characterized by fever, nausea, diarrhea, diffuse erythema, and shock, that is associated especially with the presence of a bacterium of the genus Staphylococcus (S. aureus), and that occurs especially in menstruating females using tampons—called also toxic shock
D. I felt cleaner; Really! Even though I had to put this bendy cup into my vagina four times a day and dump without spilling onto the seat, I had no leaks. I didn’t have to switch to a different one because I was going to bed or had a heavier day, it was great.
Just in case, I still have some pads and tampons left over but I doubt I’ll be using them in the future. 
First try!
In the video and on many of the forums, women write about the beginner hump. You know, practice before performance day. 
I did not do this… my period was a surprise.
So I just went with it. And the whole experience was fine. Easy peasy. fold, insert, done. 
Honestly, I really recommend trying the cup out. Be it the diva one or not. 
I’ve already converted my “period station” into a makeup spot, which gives us more towel space in the cupboard.
What I’ve learned
Changing up a routine I’ve done for 15 years is weird and a little scary but it was a great change.
Don’t bother with the people who make scrunching faces when you discuss a cup. They don’t have to be apart of the conversation if they don’t want to be. Free country and all.
So tell me, would you try the cup? have you tried it? What was your experience like? I want to read all about it!

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