Making a move

In my search to bide my boredom, I decided to switch up work places. 
Well…because I am bored, I’ve pinned my current position down so it’s no longer a challenge.
It is not a big change, but I went from working midnights at a large corporation to working mornings and afternoons at a small store
You might be asking, “WTF is she talking about switching positions? This blog is about finding things to keep busy and not vegging out all day&night while watching Netflix?”
To that I say, “Since this transition started (I may be tired) I have not been bored once.”
I make money not thinking at night and during the day I challenge myself by remembering new tasks, procedures, names and faces. (Obviously this is not every day and not–that would be ridiculous.) 
It’s a small challenge, but a convenient one. That’s because this new position is not only less focused on a single position but the hours are shorter (more frequent days), and it’s outside of my apartment
In transit I’m saving 40-60 minutes per work day, not to mention six-to-eight bus tickets per week. 
You may be thinking, “Wait… doesn’t night crew make premium?” 
Well, yes… and no. Yes, I make a dollar above minimum. However, with spending the amount on bus tickets (and having to buy lunch if I forget to pack one) I’m actually making less than what I will be at the new place
It’s a smart move. 
Making the change gave me something new to focus on.
And by moving here I feel I can support the company because I want to, not because I have to. 
I speak directly to my top superior, instead of waiting for the next note to be read and hoping for a reply that isn’t snarky.
My relationship with my boyfriend has already improved because we’re on the same schedule. (Not that it was in a bad place, we were just out of sync with the time differences.)
In the end, I’m happier and I feel like I’ve bettered my lifestyle than I ever could have at the corporation. 

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  1. Most people are scared of any type of change whatsoever i.e. having to socialise from scratch etc – pretty courageous. I worked at the same retail store for four years and I knew my work inside out – although I was also bored out of my mind. Great read!

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  2. Kayla says:

    Thanks so much for the positivity!

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