All About Me

Welcome to my web-home.
This is a website where I publish a blog Bide My Boredom, my news writing and broadcasting pieces, plus my amateur photography.
I graduated from Fanshawe College for Broadcast Journalism and studied Print Journalism at Sheridan College.
My journalistic background includes writing for The Fort Erie Times, The Sheridan Sun, working on radio for 106.9 The X, CFRL, plus The Falcon and interning at AM980.
As of right now, I am writing a blog about biding my boredom because why not?! Everyone gets bored and I wanted mine to stop. So, I created a blog where I have to do things, anything! And people tell me about their experiences on biding their boredom.
When it comes to reporting, I prefer doing streeters and newscasts. Not to be cocky, but I have a great voice and can chat with anyone.
Though streeters are my favourite, I do love creating articles about science, the environment, space and business.
My years of school taught me how to use most of Adobe’s creative suite; such as Indesign, Audition, Photoshop, Premier Pro and Illustrator. As well as Burli and Newsroom 4.5.
I also learned web-design, how to create a magazine and weekly newspapers, writing and performing hourly newscasts, creating multiple 5 to 30 minute radio features weekly, photography and videography.
Some future goals of mine are to release more video and audio projects. I believe this will be happening quite soon. (In the next couple of months.)
All posts are of my creation and are of my own opinions.

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