Biding my boredom at Canada’s 150th birthday party

My love for fireworks made for a promising evening with my love Luke and bestie Enith.


Tree planting and MORE

After a vacation, I’m back and have tons to write about; starting with this break-in post about trees and other things you’re going to see 🙂

Time is not boring

Hello again! After a wee vacation from the blog, I’m back once more with different ways I’ve bided by boredom and how I plan to do so in the future. Ready? Okay! Update to an earlier post about, Making A Move; I have been working a great deal at the store since being promoted to…

Museums are not boring!

If you’re looking to see and experience something new indoors, a museum/art gallery will always be my go to for entertainment.

Ladies, I’ve made the switch and it is glorious!

I tried the Diva Cup and my life has forever changed for the better.

No more buying copious amounts of pads or tampons.

No longer shall I have to prepare another pad/tampon while removing the other.

Just pour out, fold, insert and done.

Making a move

In my search to bide my boredom, I decided to switch up work places.    Why?    Well…because I am bored, I’ve pinned my current position down so it’s no longer a challenge.   It is not a big change, but I went from working midnights at a large corporation to working mornings and afternoons…